Maintenance Solutions

Riteway Waterproofing offers many alternatives solutions to you existing basement, roof or deck areas that require remedial work.

We can repair and upgrade existing age and failing deck and roof waterproofing membranes.

Over-coating waterproofing membranes with a liquid membrane is an alternative to full replacement and avoids the disruption of removing the cladding and joinery. Cheaper than full replacement and will not require a building consent.

Many underground basements are failing around NZ, Newton System 500 Cavity drain is a unique and innovative approach that does not require excavation of exterior of the basement. Newton System 500 internally applied waterproofing system comprises several high-quality flexible cavity drain waterproofing membranes and Newton drainage and pumping systems.

The installation of the System 500 is gaining increasing popularity over the more conventional methods of tanking because it does not seek to hold back water pressure. Water ingress is controlled and managed by the depressurization spaces created by the system and when designed by Riteway Waterproofing, System 500 is the safest and quickest method of waterproofing available with minimal preparation required.

Riteway use these quality products:

Newton Protected Basement
Viking Roofspec - Taking care of detail
Allco - Waterproofing Solutions Ltd
Nuralite - The Flat Roof Experts